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Group Trainings

Whether you consider yourself a veteran swim-bike-runner, or just want to complete your first triathlon, we welcome you to our family with open arms! We train as a group three to four² times a week in the Miami-Dade area. Training includes one group swim session¹, and two group rides and run sessions.  The fourth training session alternates between a “Brick Training” or a Long Ride. During Bricks the group works as if it’s doing an actual triathlon (different distances) with open water swimming, transitions and all the race entails. The purpose is to improve on all aspects of the competition and of course, have fun together.  When we go on the Long Rides Coach Yacceri Leal works each person’s aerobic volume (according to the imdividual’s custom plan) while enjoying different South Florida sights.

Yacceri Leal TRIATHLON LIFESTYLE community is well suited for all types of triathletes. We offer you two training options depending on your level of commitment: the Recreational option is for beginners to the sport, for those who have not been training for a long time, or for people who want to socialize, have fun and add a different activity to their daily routine. On the other hand, if you are really competitive, enjoy the challenge, and will be committed to train hard, then the Competitive option is for you.

As part of Yacceri Leal Triathlon Lifestyle Team you will enjoy…
We want to invite you to be our guest !!

Private Trainings

Private coaching sessions are designed for people who prefer a One on One training session.  Personalized weekly plan and instruction for swim, bike, and/or run are included. Coach Yacceri Leal will train with you and teach the skills and drills needed for improvement.  Whether you want to improve on one or all disciplines, Coach Yacceri Leal can help you.


Recovery Massage

Recovery is an integral element of your training. Recovering properly will help you get the most out of your exercise programs and training sessions. Treat yourself to a therapeutic massage which combines passive stretching, and different techniques including deep tissue, thai, sport, structural bodywork, among others. Every session is customized to each clients individual needs, taking into consideration their sport, recovery practices and lifestyle, in addition to that specific moment body demands.

The Recovery Massage sessions could go from 80 to 110 minutes.  Enjoy this therapeutic and relaxing massage at the comfort of your home in a flexible schedule.  We recommend you to get this therapy anytime during training, but at least 2 days prior to any race.

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